Terms & Conditions

We are authentic and reliable online marketing business holder. We abide by the laws and rules of the online services so we can deliver quality products and services to our customers. We are bound to serve our customers with the best service they can experience. That is why we expect our clients to read following terms and conditions so that we can make our relationship healthy and strong for a better future between us.

We expect you to read and agree with these terms and conditions before availing our service:

1 . We are not accountable for the intention that you are using the information or have used the data found in this site. After reading this you are agreeing that you accept any error or inaccuracy that is going to appear in our content. We are a legitimate online website that does not hold any liability for whatever future consequences these errors and inaccuracies may sustain over your usage.

2.These online terms and conditions do not harm or affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

3.These terms and conditions are subjected to future changes. When that will happen we expect you to follow up the new rules and regulations. If by chance you cannot accept the change the only option is for you to stop any further services from us.

4. We are not responsible for any indirect or accidental damages caused by these services such as lost revenues or lost profits etc.

5. We assure to 100% refund if there is any errors and failures from our end. If you want a refund then you must contact us before 10:00 PM UTC when all orders of the day are already placed. We will not refund any money if the service has already begun. All followers and like logs are going to be used as proof of your purchase of the services. If there any future dispute and dissatisfaction arises from a completed order then we have full authorization to recall all our followers from your account.

Price and Payment options:

It might be possible that even with all our efforts some services are wrongly priced at our website. But that is not a concern as we will strictly verify the prices before dispatching our services to our customers. If the product costs less than the stated value at our site, we will definitely charge the customers the actual price before dispatching their orders. If the opposite situation arises where the actual price is higher than the stated value then we will either call you and inform you about our mistake or reject your order and inform you the cause for such rejection.

Our payment gateway is PayPal. On your invoice you will see Merchant name is Elphill Technology.
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