Refund Policy

We are happy to inform that if you have chosen us to be your supplier then you chose correctly. It is our duty to provide the best service accordingly. As we offer user-friendly and irrevocable services to our customers, we do not accept any request asking for refunds after a deal is complete. We expect you to be well aware of these facts before buying any services on our site.

1.  We would refund if the project you assigned has not started within seven days from the date payment is done. You can ask for a full refund within 48 hours if you do not want the project to begin at all. This applies to all non-working days or weekends. If you want a project to be cancelled but the order is already dispatched no refunds will be done.

2. You can ask for a refund from an incomplete service. We will deduct the total amount and then return your remaining amount.

3. We will not abide by any refunding rules if you deliver any false or incorrect information to us.

4. We cannot refund for services delivered in full
5. Refunds are being processed within seven day period.
6. If any YouTube Video gets deleted the company will not be liable to pay any amount of refund. There is always a risk when purchasing views of any kind from any supplier.

We believe that these were helpful information to you for your future considerations. We try our utmost best to help you enjoying our services. Our primary goal is to satisfy our customers and for that our technical support team is eager to assist you formally. We simply ask your feedbacks to achieve that success.